Waggle Words App Reviews

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Battery killer

This is a beautiful looking game, and is fun to play, but it eats battery life like crazy. A game this simple shouldn’t be using 30% of the battery of an iPad Pro in less than an hour.

Good but

Ok the game is good. Great graphics for a wordplay game but there are 0 customization options????? None at all??? Not 1??? 😩😩😂😂 be serious Can't change ANYTHING After spending 5bux?????? yall coulda at least put a options tab in the game? 😂 thats cold❄️ also Phone battery is super hot with 10 mins of gameplay and no other apps running in background with very low screen brightness????????? Also whats the deal wiith the chick with the tall hat who us she and what does she have to do with waggle words, my phone battery getting hot and the 5 bux i spent?? Answers please


Graphics are good and it’s fun for a bit but there really isn’t much content to this game. DEFINITELY not worth $5.. maybe $1 or 50 cents. Not nearly enough content for the 5$. The game should just end when your out of words but it doesn’t. Having to quit the game after finishing doesn’t feel like much of an accomplishment.

Really like this!

Great design and graphics like an active bee hive with the waggle effect. The ability to move backwards and forwards 2 turns, change and move letters to empty spaces is good especially late in the game. But you have to choose the opportunities wisely, well done!

Love/hate relationship

Loving the gameplay. Hating the overheating of my iPad and iPhone, and how quickly this game drains my battery. The latest update doesn’t solve these two problems.

Great game needs few added features desperately

I’m more of a chess/logic puzzle gamer but this game definitely has me. Gorgeous and organic UI. Great game play. Very easy to pick up and incredibly difficult to put down. Definitely give this game a try. Why 3 stars? - needs undo feature - needs pause feature - no landscape mode on iPhone/iPad - needs save option (once game is closed you lose your progress and have to start a new game) - no option to put a name on local high scores (Just in case I let me wife play, she’d like to have her name added to score board)

Nothing special

I have an IPad Pro running 11 but when I click AR mode it says I need IOS 11. This is a very run of the mill word game, not addictive or really engaging at all. What a waste of $5. I went to developer web site to try to figure out if I was missing something but no help there. Not that the game is hard to figure out, just uninteresting.

Love how original this game and the graphics are fantastic!

The whole family is playing!


Buy it if you’re into tough but rewarding games.

Perfect sick in bed obsession

Love the graphics... have kept my sick in bed wife content for 4 hours. Better than cough syrup.

Not worth $5

Not worth $5. The AR mode is jumpy and, truthfully, it’s easier to play a regular word search game and not have to hold your phone still in an awkward up position. Have a feeling the 5 star reviews are their friends & family. More worth $2-3 for decent graphics.


This game looks great and is super smooth! It does a great job integrating AR in the game and places AR objects in the world faster than other games I’ve played lately.

It took me a few rounds to figure out how good this is!

Once you figure out the power to manipulate the letters and compounding effect of “waggling” you will be hooked. I really dig this game. Reminds me of boggle...but way more brain-stimulating. Don’t waste a move! Great job. Well worth the price of admission.

Beautiful and fun

I love word games, and this one is a really super twist on the theme. The art style is gorgeous, and I can’t wait to try it in an AR-compatible phone!

Charming and stylish

I love word games, and the slick style and fun AR features take simple, absorbing word hunting to the next level. Great work!

Bee - lieve it!

Really fun touch interface with great interactive audio! Ar mode is sweet!


this game is addictive! I love the sounds and the visuals!


Looks absolutely gorgeous, really beautiful game!

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